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Unit 6B, Goldenbridge Industrial Estate,
Tyrconnell, Inchicore,
Dublin 8
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Saturday, July 1st

@ 11:00AM

What is the Impact Leadership Conference?

Our mission is to seek practical and actionable tips to guide its participants on how to accelerate growth in their Careers, Business, and Life. This meeting is hosted by Taysey Consults, is made up of coaches, mentors, and thought leaders with a mission to make young professionals more productive and successful through leadership and personal development, and has acquired experience in hosting events of this nature.

We will be hosting globally recognized leading thought leaders, strategic management consultants, change management experts, technology integration specialists, financial fitness coaches, marketing strategists, and lots more. Each guest will share their personal stories and strategies.

We believe that The Impact Leadership Conference is an excellent and exceptional opportunity that would enable individuals and organisations to discover purpose and become better versions of themselves. Offering delegates the chance to debate pressing global issues, take on new perspectives, and build strong new friendships that span across the globe.

The event will not only incorporate extensive discussions but will also consist of guest speaker sessions, panel discussions, and scintillating social interactions.

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